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I have a well-documented love/hate relationship with rabbit vibrators. When they get it right there is little can compare with simultaneous internal and external stimulation. However, the anatomical problems they come up against make them so often a bad fit. The Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit has a clever solution to this and it’s one I’ve wondered why I’ve not seen before.

Peepshow Toys sent me the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit for review and if I’m honest the main thing I was curious about was the flexible element of the vibe. Traditional rabbit design rarely if ever manages to hit both your clit and your G Spot. Usually either one is on the mark and the other slightly misses or even worse, in its efforts to do everything it ends up doing nothing.

Shape and Design

Modern rabbit vibes have leant towards a bendy clitoral neck and a more lobster claw design to allow greater anatomical match but even this is difficult. One size simply doesn’t fit all when it comes to dual stimulation. I’ve often wondered why the clit arm of rabbit can’t be flexible and Maia have seemingly come to the same conclusion.

In shape the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit is lobster claw. I have a lot of affection for this style of dual stimulator as I find it allows me to use it hands free. The design kind of holds itself in place inside me and this frees my hand to either explore my own body or my partners.

Covered in a super soft silky silicone (try saying that after an eggnog or two!!) the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit feels delicious. It’s one of those toys I struggle to stop stroking, it’s so incredibly tactile. An unusual Teal in colour trimmed with gold the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit has a look of class about it.

Individual Control

The head of the internal shaft has a ridged surface adding additional G spot friction. The clitoral arm is curved with split ears and a pronounced stimulation bump on the tip. In length the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit is 9.5 inches long but only about 5 of these are insertable.

The controls for the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit sit on the inside of the handle. A power button is sandwiched by an individual control for each arm. I like this as it allows me to use the Maia Skyler in various different ways. Pressing each of the two controls again allows you to travel through the fifteen different settings available on each arm! Hella choice!

There are sustained vibration settings in various intensities and lots of pulse pattern settings. I’d have liked to see a few more steady vibe settings and less patterns myself.

Defused Vibration

The vibration is quite powerful, though one thing I noticed was the ears defuse the clitoral vibration to an annoying low level. I found it much more effective to place the raised area of the clitoral arm against the side of my clit. The internal vibration is strong and feel very good. I opt for a pulse pattern to allow my G spot to be teased whilst my clit warms up.

This is where the beauty of the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit lies. Both arms are very flexible. I was able to position the internal arm to curve up and back in a custom G spot angle which allowed amazing stimulation. The clit arm is even more flexible allowing you to move it up and down and even side to side. However, I still think there could be situations where this would fall short. It’s very difficult to reduce the distance of the clitoral arm meaning if you have a short distance between your vagina and your clit it’s still likely to miss hit in fit.

However it shouldn’t be understated that I think the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit will allow more people to enjoy dual stimulation. There is a good amount of movement in both arms and once positioned they stay put. I was able to change it up when I realised the ears weren’t cutting the mustard in terms of vibration. A little adjustment allowed me to directly place the clitoral nub alongside my clit and hey presto! A much better level of stimulation.

A Lot Going On

In use the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit feel like there’s a lot going on at first. Even the LED flashing away looks a little overwhelming and busy. However, with a little adjustment to the settings it quickly went from Hmmm to Ahhh as the vibrations worked their magic.

I do think the clitoral vibration could be a bit stronger, I say this because it took me longer than average to come using the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit and I think it was because of this. I did come though. And when I did it was well worth the slight wait. I sometimes wonder if perhaps I’ve become unfairly impatient with my orgasm.

The blended orgasm given by the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit is very nice, it hits me in waves and lasts far longer than a purely clitoral or internal orgasm. The journey to climax feels like a roller coaster. Inching closer and closer to the edge, the sensation growing minute by minute. Thanks to the lobster claw design. I can close my eyes and let my fantasies run wild as I explore the rest of my body.

In Summary

Playing with the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit is a lot of fun. I appreciate the thought which has gone into the design and it does show. If we could keep tweaking dual stimulators I think eventually we might be able to get to a point where everyone can find one which works for them with less trial and error.

Peepshow Toys sell the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit for $59.00.

Thank you so much to the great people at Peepshow Toys for sending me the Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

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