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Maia Novelties Jaguar is Fiercely Powerful


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Wow: The Maia Jaguar bullet vibrator's so powerful, I had to say it growls. That it leaps upward in intensity; that its strength is killer. 😸

The strongest mini-vibrator I've felt, and at a seriously low price, too??? Everything I felt when testing out the Jaguar's vibration power:

My Jaguar Experience

So strong, I gotta use it through underwear at first, or it'll be a jolt of power that overstimulates my clitoris! The Jaguar is such a potent bullet vibrator: only 4 inches long, yet it makes me think of full-sized wand vibrators. "Wand power ambitions," the Jaguar bullet holds.

Maia Jaguar intense bullet vibrator review – purple vibrator in hand over green leaf print background

I can easily orgasm on this toy in less than 2 minutes: it takes me from "zero" to coming multiply. And, the Jaguar bullet's compact, and it has a bulb-grip for hanging onto. So—unlike big wand vibrators—it doesn't get in the way so much during sex where two partners are facing each other.

Almost impossible to avoid orgasm, I find, even on the Jaguar's 2nd or 3rd out of 5 speeds. They zip at high-speed, high-frequency. Then, Jaguar has 5 rhythmic patterns. All are controlled via:

Best Ways to Use the Maia Jaguar

Turning on the Jaguar bullet vibrator is easy, and it has a sort of travel lock: You have to press down for 2 seconds, first (you must apply intentional pressure). Then, you can lightly tap, to start up the strong vibration and to cycle through the remaining 9 vibration functions.

maia jaguar 10 vibration functions easy button control

You may either use the Maia Jaguar with its comfortable, rounded tip pressed directly into the clitoris; or you can grip the Jaguar, and rub it up and down over the clit and vulva. Its smooth finish facilitates this. Just apply a couple drops of your favorite water-based lubricant to avoid friction during movement.

It's as easy for solo masturbation, as for couple's play. We've discovered that it's an exceptional "re-invigorator" if sex has started to wind down, and I'm losing focus. My partner will hold the Jaguar, turn it on to even the lowest setting, and I am moving toward climax again like a freight-train! So impressed how much power this affordable mini-vibrator contains.

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