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Maia Toys SHROOMIE Review by Felicity

Maia Shroomie Soft Vibrator Review by Felicity

Trippy Toys Shroomie mushroom vibrator review

Maia Shroomie Soft Vibrator Review

October 2, 2023 by Felicity at https://phallophilereviews.com/maia-shroomie-soft-vibrator-review/#more-19638

Shroomie by Maia is a phenomenal soft grinding vibrator — if you like broad stimulation. Its wide cap is like a big wand massager head, but it’s squishy. Soft and malleable silicone, that touches your skin directly. It’s softer than Magic Wand heads, those are forgiving because they have foam underneath a hard silicone coat.

Rubbing this Shroomie against my clit is the best. Humping up on this fairly-strong vibrating mushroom’s head is the way. More on the Trippy Toys Shroomie’s pros & cons for different folks, my experience, and how strong this shroom comes on…

My Mushroom Vibrator Experience

The Shroomie lines up fabulously with my personal taste for: Large heads, and Soft silicone. Full-sized wand vibrators match preference #1 swimmingly. They give wide stimulation over more of the pelvic floor: clit head, but also the labia and outside the vagina! But, wands are covered with firm silicone; and their handles are looooong.

Maia Shroomie vibrator vs magic Wand vibrators - head size

With Shroomie, its red cap is all soft liquid silicone, a 2A Shore durometer. (Albeit, a tad less squashy than a super-soft tentacle grinder!) Versus a wand, Shroomie is easier to hold cuz it’s much lighter-weight and shorter.

Maia Shroomie mushroom vibrator super-soft silicone cap

Before I used it, I have to admit I thought this mushroom vibrator could be just silly. Like that time that the Shroomie’s maker, Maia Toys, created a particular leaf-shaped panty vibrator with spikes. Um, that was… cute, but Sativa’s silicone points also scared my junk.

Apparently the shrooms suit me better than the maryjane, because I felt this hella-big Shroomie cap, and oooh! 🤩 I felt it squish as I pressed my fingers in, then I of course started pressing it lower down.

Holding the shroom vibrator’s stalk, using it as an anchor to rub the wide head against my clitoris and labia. The stalk does bend, flexing; I hadda get used to that, as it folds and conforms to my vulva. I liked it more and more, after the first time I ground off against the big mushroom cap.

I think I’ve rubbed off on it four times this week, maybe five. I’ve enjoyed sitting it on my bathroom counter too; it’s funny to me.

maia shroomie my experience mushroom vibrator in underwear

I was excited to Shroom-vibe with my partner. Usually, I’m wary about giving firmer vibrators over to another human. My past partners have been rather aggressive for my sensitivities; they’re always pressing too hard, and I gotta keep directing them to slow down or be gentler. (That lessens my pleasure, knowing they could accidentally hurt me anytime.)

In contrast, the Shroomie’s cap is so gentle. Plus, the stalk bends, so it’s giving way as you rub. Consistent, wide pressure, squishy top! Yay! I’m digging into my memory, because I think the first time I handed over the Shroomie to my boyfriend was the best lying-back-in-bed vibrator session where my partner (not me) has been the one directing the vibrator. Finally, not overstimulating my vulva. Fantastic.

Shroomie’s vibration is enough. It’s good. It’s not mega-strong; it’s medium-rumbly. For me, the rubbing sensation compensates for any lack of super-power vibration strength. I prefer the Shroomie toy’s 3 steady vibration functions, personally. I move from function #1 to function #3 as I get more aroused.

*If* you’re accustomed to BIG penetration vaginally: You can put the Shroom inside. You must be experienced for this to work comfortably. My vagina is very happy with large girth (but hates long length), so it was simple for me to get the Shroomie’s cap fully inserted in about 30 seconds. It locked into place right past my pelvic bone, making a unique-kinda “pussy plug.” Shroomie’s cap is a slightly awkward shape vaginally because it dramatically cuts out. (It doesn’t flow like a normal dildo/penis, so you cannot thrust it.) The mushroom vibrator rests inside, and does offer nifty pressure against my “G-zone,” the anterior vaginal wall’s expanse of sensitive tissue. I honestly don’t plan on inserting the shroom vibrator regularly (because I like thrusting too much), but it’s a blue-moon pleasure. The Shroomie vibrator’s 2.3″ diameter is sooo filling, and adding We-Vibe Melt’s “clit suction” as Shroomie ran on high power was intense. Still, rubbing off on the cap clitorally is the best for me: everyday fun.

Maia Shroomie vibrator review

Pros & Cons


  • Soft squishy silicone contact area.
  • Wide for broad stimulation.
  • Easier to rub on vs. Magic Wand.
  • Great for grinding & rubbing.
  • For sensitive vulvas: Gentle for letting a partner use it on you.
  • Body-safe silicone.
  • Waterproof.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Stands up when charging.
  • Moderately strong vibration.
  • Can be a very filling vaginal plug.


  • Stem’s flexibility takes getting used to.
  • Single button function control = must flip through all 15 vibration functions.
  • Moderately strong vibration, not super-powerful.
  • Not for anyone who needs pinpoint clit stimulation.

Vibration Functions & Intensity

The Maia Shroomie mushroom vibrator has 15 vibration functions: 3 steady speeds + 12 vibration patterns.

Trippy toys Shroomie vibrator by Maia - stands upright


It operates via 2-button control. The power button turns the vibration on or off, when you hold down for a couple seconds. The second button flips through all 15 vibration functions.

Shroomie’s third steady speed is definitely stronger than the first, but not like “knock u over the head” stronger. I rate it as from 6.25 to 6.75 out of 10 for power, low to high intensity—so, in the “pretty strong” but not “intensely strong” range. (This scale is rather like decibels, where a jump from 6 to 7 is akin to a jump from 30 to 40 dB: it feels/sounds twice as strong or loud, respectively.)

How to Clean

It’s all silicone, so it’s extremely simple to clean. The silicone doesn’t hang onto spots, either, it washes really easily.

Just lather the red mushroom cap with your normal handsoap, then rub it down under running water. Cleaning should take about 30 seconds. Shroomie is waterproof submersible.

It’s USB magnetic rechargeable. The mushroom stands fully upright, with its charging nodes on the side of the stem. It takes a couple hours to charge; the light will stop flashing once it’s fully charged. This “Amanita vibrator” runs for 1 hour & 45 minutes per recharge.

Recap & Rating

What more can I say, than I love the shroom. I’m not floating away in a mind-expanding trance, but:

Since I’m a broad & squishy stimulation-lover, I’m having a blast shroom-stroking, and I’m rating it a solid 4.5/5 across the board. 🍄❤️

It feels awesome if you like a big surface, rubbing against your clit. The gentleness of its red head’s squishy-soft silicone!!! Pure fun, rubbing my clit off on it. For anyone who is sensitive to hard pressure & overstimulation clitorally, I definitely recommend it for handing over to a partner, too, because it is so yielding. (Not firmly abrasive like most silicone vibes can be, in another person’s hands.) High-five to Maia for making a toy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet performs orgasmically.

Find the Shroomie by Maia here.

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Feature Rating
(out of 10)
per dollar value:

I effin’ 💗 rubbing
on large, soft silicone
head; funny;
good vibes
User experience/
Ease of use:

3 steady vibe speeds
r pretty strong;
Easier to hold than
wand vibe;
1-button control
makes you flip thru;
Squishy head is
gentle for
sensitive clits!
Luxury feel
smooth silicone,
cute packaging,
USB rechargeable,
1-year warranty)
Run time (1hr.,45mins.)
& easy charging
Good battery life,
stands upright while
Total 9.5/10
[vs. all vibrators]
6.25 to 6.75
/out of 10
8 to 6.5
/out of 10